Benfield Christian Church

146 Benfield Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43207



Benfield Christian Church began as mission of the South Church of Christ in 1926. Brother George L. Ashton was the leader. In 1929 Joseph P. Daab took his place. On January 1, 1933 the church was organized with 50 charter members and a total membership of 200. The congregation of the Benfield Church met in the Fornof School while the building was being constructed.


Construction was begun on the building for Benfield Christian Church in 1933.  The cornerstone of the new church was laid in 1937. During the two years at the school our numbers increased. We had twenty charter members when the church was officially established.

In 1946 a new building fund was started to build what is now the main entrance and the rooms up and down to the east and the office area and the rooms underneath to the north. In 1956 the building was completed and occupied.

The lower level of the annex has, five classrooms and the men's restroom.  The main floor has four classrooms, offices, a large double room and the women's restroom.  In the original lower level there is a kitchen, fellowship hall and storage rooms.

In 1984 during the ministry of Brother Merlin Peterson the main entrance was changed.  Other projects to improve the sanctuary were completed as time moved ahead.  A chair-lift up to the sanctuary was installed, carpeting was changed and other projects completed.  In 1997 the parking lot pavement was taken up and new pavement put down.

During 1998 the sanctuary was repainted.  Our offering on Easter 1998 was the largest offering in church history with $3,353.55 given.  We paid for the parking lot, painting of the Sanctuary.  In addition, we replaced the siding at the main entrance.  We used our new hymn books for the first time on Easter. 

Here it is the beginning of 2004 and we look back again and realize many improvements have been made in recent years, which include new glass block windows in the lower level.  In 2003 we have made three great improvements: new Larmco windows in the sanctuary and new carpeting, in addition a chair lift to the lower level was installed.  With younger families attending we had to double the size of our nursey.  We pray God will continue to bless us as we move further into this young century.  On 8-5-2007 the church received new Bibles.

When the church was built it had block on the exterior which had to be painted every two years.  Then we had siding installed and after a bad storm we had the siding replaced.  In 2008 we had the back steps redone.  Also we had new men and woman restrooms built.  God has been good to us.

In 2009 and 2010 two new air-condition system was added. One air-condition system was taken and replaced by use of our insurance. We added overhead projector and new computer and setup a network system. We had a burglar alarm system installed to safe guard our building and air-conditions and computer and new lighting controlling equipment.